Olympic Peninsula

Rec-Use Survey

Thank you to all who have taken, supported, and promoted the Recreational-Use Survey. You’re efforts have helped produce robust feedback that will go a long ways in establishing recreation as a credible voice and viable resource on the Washington coast. The survey is now closed. For more information on how to schedule a presentation on the survey, further grow the recreational communities voice, or for any related inquires please contact Gus Gates, Washington Policy Manager. For a summary of the survey please see below.


From May to October  2014 the Surfrider Washington recreational-use survey was promoted in coastal communities and recreation based organizations and groups throughout Western Washington. The survey ended with over 400 surveys completed, with 5 location points per survey giving us critical information on coastal recreation and associated economic value. We received support and press from several Washington news outlets including but not limited to; The Tacoma News TribuneThe Bellingham HeraldThe South Beach Bulletin, and social media posts from WA State Parks amongst several others. By taking the survey, individuals assisted in gathering data to better understand the economic value and uses related to our coast, specifically around non-consumptive uses. This survey is designed by Surfrider staff and Point 97 to document where you play on the beaches and in the waters of the Washington coast and how much you spend getting there, eating, renting equipment, and other related costs. 

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This type of study began in our very own community of surfers and was originally called surfonomicsthese studies are being used all around the world to help communities, small businesses, and local governments and business bureaus quantify the value of tourism and recreation to coastal economies. Over the next few months the information gathered will be compiled to add a layer of recreational uses in the collection of maps that are being gathered by coastal planners– you can watch the story called Marine Spatial Planning unfold as state and federal agencies, coastal stakeholders, and coastal recreators gather together to analyze the major uses on the coast, how they effect local economies, and apply this information for future planning.


Surfrider Washington is involved in the process of Marine Spatial Planning by representing coastal recreation through involvement with the Washington Coast Marine Advisory Council and coastal Marine Resource Committees. You can watch a short film on some of the reasons why protecting and giving a voice to our favorite beaches is important to the recreation community. Our involvement in this planning process is ongoing. We plan to utilize the survey data to identify high uses points/locations important to the public in order to foster a strong voice and presence for coastal recreators here in Washington.